What You Need To Know About Oak Timber

Oak Timber

Used for hundreds of years throughout Europe and more predominately in England, oak is still a favored wood when it comes to construction and furniture. Available in white and red, the white is more preferred as it offers a more attractive appeal compared to American red oak. In addition the white oak is more resistant when it comes to moisture.

Benefits Of Hardwoods

The hardwoods, like oak timber choice in construction for countless years. This timber was proven to be popular in the UK in buildings such as cottages, manor houses and churches and is still positioned at the forefront of the majority of the self-build projects of today.

Hardwood Types

The hardwoods are typically more durable as they are derived from broad-leaved and slow growing trees. What this means is that these timbers have higher densities when compared to softwoods, which is what provides them with enhanced strength and durability.

Due to the fact that hardwoods last longer than the softwoods they are regarded as suitable for many applications that include flooring, high-quality furniture, joinery and construction. Two of the more popular hardwoods that are worked with include the European Oak and the American white oak.

Benefits Of Hardwoods

• Maintenance

One of the stand out benefits of hardwoods such as oak is that it is simple to clean and maintain. This is the reason that this type of timber is one of the popular contenders when it comes to flooring. An occasional mop and regular sweep will ensure the floor maintains its appeal for many years to come and an easy sand followed by a varnish will have this flooring looking brand new.

• Strength

The reason that oak along with the other types of hardwoods feature impeccable strength is that timber is derived from the slow-growing trees that means the cellular structure of the trees are denser in comparison to softwoods that grow faster.

• Appearance

Hardwoods like oak timber are suitable for all types of décor and styles due to the extensive range in appearances that they are able to bring. In addition, due to their natural patterns, your end product will always be unique when it comes to flooring and furniture.

• Cost

The hardwoods are usually associated with been expensive. But it is important to consider the quality and durability that these products are able to provide you with. If you choose a veneered and cheaper alternative, it just won’t last as long. Whereas the hardwoods like mango, oak and mahogany are extremely durable and tough and will last for many, many years.

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